Monday, July 19, 2010

Extra, extra, read all about it....Nick Harper of Port Townsend and the Pothier's made front page news in The Leader

July 14, 2010 - THE LEADER prints a lengthy expose' causing some to raise eyebrows about Nick Harper's unethical business dealings and the possibility that he breached his fiduciary duty while serving as co-personal representative of the Pothier estate.

For the past month or so, Harper has been holding barn sales. I wonder how many things dom-nick has sold, items that he purchased using Steve Pothier's money while his friend was on life support? How about the stove and refrigerator from the triple wide he had for sale? Yes, it appears that dom-nick stripped the place before leaving the estate high and dry. Guess dom-nick's days of squatting on his dead friend's property has come to an end.

And I wonder how the bankruptcy court and Pinnacle Business Finance, would feel about dom-nick selling restaurant equipment, like MacAdoo's ice cream maker with 5 heads for $150. and a bunch of kegs with taps for $50, golf clubs, armoire desk, leather couches, end tables, chickens, goats, you name it, it was for sale. I definitely plan to be there when dom-nick is run out of town on a rail. I can't wait to join the bandwagon of those who are cheering as he exits his hometown of Port Townsend leaving his poor, disabled mother behind while he tries to save his own skin.

Question is, where is dom-nick going and will his wife and her children follow this smooth-talking swindler? Kristie's kids are telling people they have to move because "daddy didn't pay the bills". Those poor Monahan children whose names have all been changed to embarrassing and humiliating it will be for people to think these children are products of such a dishonorable person when the fact is, they are of no blood relation to the Harper family whatsoever. And to think Kristie convinced the court to change her children's names because she wanted them to have a name they could be proud of......the mother paraded the children into the Jefferson County District Court and forced the boys to tell Judge Mark Huth (the step-father's former boss) that they wanted their last name to be Harper.

What has she done to her children by changing their legacy and who they really are.....messing with their identity?

What will life be like for the Monahan boys when they learn the truth? No doubt their worlds will be turned up-side-down when they find out they were not adopted and are not legally a harper?

In 2012, the same court that illegally changed the Monahan boy's names, found that "proper notice wasn't given to the father" when the children's names were illegally changed and Judge Landis vacated both name changes and restored the child's rightful birth name.

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