Monday, June 21, 2010

Has Humpty Dumpty Fallen Off His Wall?

June 21, 2010 - Today the "opportunistic duo" had a new attorney show up to represent them at their contempt and discovery hearing in Seattle, Geoffrey Grindeland. I think it's interesting that he is a pilot. (I wonder if that had anything to do with Grindeland taking the case ex parte since both Bill and Steve were pilots?)

On June 11th, the court found the duo had failed to provide the estate with an accounting as ordered by the court and further allowed their attorney, Richard Wills, to withdraw immediately. Wills cited his reason for withdrawing from this case expeditiously as due to the fact that he would "violate multiple sections of the WA Rules of Professional Conduct". WHAT, I wonder what sections he would be violating and the specifics?!

All this came about when the attorney for the Pothier estate informed the duo's attorney that his client wanted to take dom-nick's deposition. Apparently, dom-nick instructed Wills to do whatever it took to keep the estate attorney from taking his deposition (see pgs. 7, 12, 33). Are you asking yourself why? Because I sure am. It's clear to me that he is hiding something, otherwise he would have just provided the accounting, don't you think?

Is it possible that dom-nick has sealed his fate this time? Has his shenanigans finally caught up to him? Could it be that he is about to fall off his wall? He has already been dishonest with his new attorney, telling Grindeland that he gave an accounting ledger of the Pothier estate to his former attorney, Wills as well as the estate's former resident agent, Kilbreath. But why hasn't anyone seen the material dom-nick claims to have sent? Talk about passing the buck and buying time! dom-nick's recent declaration is contradictory. First he says he gave the accounting to Mrs. Pothier's former attorney, then he says he gave it to his attorney, Wills. That's just not the way things work when you have an attorney. I believe dom-nick is lying in his declaration. The documents would have been given to Wills for him to forward it to Kilbreath. It would have been completely inappropriate for dom-nick to have give this directly to the opposing attorney when he had his own attorney in the case.

And what about Steve's power-of-attorney dom-nick claims to have, why hasn't he produced that yet? And he mentions nothing about it in his declaration. The estate has been asking for dom-nick's supposed power-of-attorney since April. The estate has also told dom-nick to pay rent or stop squatting on the estate's property!

I wonder how long dom-nick will be able to pull the wool over his new attorney's eyes before he sees him for the conman he really is? I mean he retained this new attorney on Friday to come into court today. I bet after this case, he never does that again! IF Wills had the financial documents dom-nick claims to have given him, then Wills would have turned them over to the estate's attorney, he wouldn't have withheld them. So far dom-nick's actions have not been those of someone who is upstanding and forthcoming. I mean read his declaration, he sounds like a little baby, "I don't think it's fair......" whan, whan whan.

Again, you may ask yourself, what is dom-nick trying to hide? Is he trying to hide the fact that he wrote a $300,000 check to a company created just days before his rich friend died from brain cancer and how he cashed this whopper check as a managing member of a new company he helped create while his friend was in the hospital on his death bed? What did dom-nick do with the hundreds of thousands of dollars he withdrew from his dying friend's bank account? Or how about the reason he wrote two checks for $10,000 each to his dying friend's sisters just days before their brother died? What was that all about? And what about the checks dom-nick wrote after Steve Pothier died, claiming to have his power-of-attorney? Hello, someone needs to tell dom-nick that a power-of-attorney is only good while the person is alive! The estate is entitled to answers and dom-nick owes the estate those answers.

Today, on the record, the estate attorney said that dom-nick was trying to get his former attorney to do illegal stuff. I wonder if the estate attorney asked the judge to refer this case to the prosecutor yet? I sure hope so. I mean we're talking about over $300,000 that dom-nick failed to provide an accounting for nor has he shown proof that he was authorized to access Steve's bank account before and after his death.

The duo bought themselves a 10-day continuance with their new attorney, until July 1st and they have until June 25th to file their responses to the motions for contempt and discovery. The court also ordered them to pay the estate attorney $250. by July 1st for the continuance. That's mere pocket change for those two. They should be ordered to pay ALL the surviving wife's attorney fees!

The duo escaped being found in contempt at the July 1st hearing, but dom-nick was ordered to appear on July 9th in Seattle for the taking of his deposition and the duo was ordered to pay $2000 for costs to Kara's attorneys by July 13th. The successor administrator's attorney stated that he would get the transcript of the June 11th exparte hearing (in which Wills was allowed to withdraw) to impeach Mr. Wills if he had to. Mr. Denevan is adamant that Wills stated on the record that his clients had engaged or were likely to engage in illegal activities.

dom-nick is a clever one, he knows how to talk in circles, and get people to believe him. He's good at fooling people. It is his forte. He is one you had better look out for and watch your back around. If you happen to see him around town and notice that he's looking a little disheveled and stressed, just know he's not a very happy man these days and now you know why.

Humpty is teetering the wall nowadays. When dom-nick does fall off his wall it will not be a pretty site! All the Kings horses and all the Kings men........poor Humpty

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  1. Roberta, as this all unfolds I hope to be exonorated from those whom were drinking harpers "KoolAide". I have continued to present facts to back up everything I have reported about them... all nick does is the Port Townsend Two Step.
    Someone commented how nick was above me and that is the only reason he did not sue me for slander... wrong answer, the reason is that slander means someone is spreading false information about you and it has damaged you. I write facts. Keep up the great work sweetheart.