Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Opportunistic Duo

dom-nick will do whatever he has to, to get whatever he wants! Whether it be taking his best friend's wife and children or stealing from his own family or taking advantage of those who are venerable.

Guess my nasty little declaration ruffled his panties, so now he will cry to the court to throw out my documents. That's okay...it doesn't change the fact that all Steve's siblings are now aware of the slime-ball domonic harper really is. If they truly cared for their brother, they won't sit back and allow an opportunist like dom-nick to take advantage of their brother after his death and they will want to protect Steve's estate. I just wonder what kind of deal dom-nick and Bill have made? I guarantee you dom-nick has promised Bill something. So I ask myself this question: "Who could take up with a shady character like dom-nick?" I would think it would have to be someone who is just like him, wouldn't you? "Birds of a feather!" Could it be that Steve knew his brother, Bill was an opportunist and that's why they were estranged for so many years?

It wasn't until Steve found out he was dying that he wanted to clear his conscience....that's when he and Bill reconciled...only a few short months ago, after many years of no contact. Now Bill comes in, all of a sudden, the "purported brother", wanting to manage Steve and his widow's Washington property. One should question his motives? What does he think he's doing when he knows his brother was married at the time of his death?

Steve knew he was dying, if he wanted his brother to administer his estate, why didn't he prepare a Will to such effect? If Steve wanted dom-nick to have the property in Washington, why didn't he donate the property to dom-nick before he died?

These two can deny it all they want, but Steve was married when he purchased the property in Washington. It was fraudulent for Steve to list himself as "an unmarried man" on the legal paperwork when he knew he was married. The 825 Water Street building is community property and these two opportunists have no business managing Steve's widow's property. RCW 11.28.030

Steve purchased the property dom-nick is living on 9 months AFTER he bought the Water St. building. If Steve's marriage was defunct, then why did he have his wife sign a quit claim deed relinquishing her community interest in the property that dom-nick is residing on? However, Steve never got his wife to relinquish her community interest in the Water St. building that dom-nick is managing. Tenants of the building are giving their rent checks to dom-nick and it is anybody's guess what he's doing with the money which belongs to Steve's widow and the estate?

The law is clear, the next of kin entitled to handle an estate is always the surviving spouse. RCW 11.28.120

Bill and dom-nick have no business doing what they're doing and I cannot wait until they are put in their place or should I say, that dom-nick is out of a place and a job?

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