Monday, July 19, 2010

Extra, extra, read all about it....Nick Harper of Port Townsend and the Pothier's made front page news in The Leader

July 14, 2010 - THE LEADER prints a lengthy expose' causing some to raise eyebrows about Nick Harper's unethical business dealings and the possibility that he breached his fiduciary duty while serving as co-personal representative of the Pothier estate.

For the past month or so, Harper has been holding barn sales. I wonder how many things dom-nick has sold, items that he purchased using Steve Pothier's money while his friend was on life support? How about the stove and refrigerator from the triple wide he had for sale? Yes, it appears that dom-nick stripped the place before leaving the estate high and dry. Guess dom-nick's days of squatting on his dead friend's property has come to an end.

And I wonder how the bankruptcy court and Pinnacle Business Finance, would feel about dom-nick selling restaurant equipment, like MacAdoo's ice cream maker with 5 heads for $150. and a bunch of kegs with taps for $50, golf clubs, armoire desk, leather couches, end tables, chickens, goats, you name it, it was for sale. I definitely plan to be there when dom-nick is run out of town on a rail. I can't wait to join the bandwagon of those who are cheering as he exits his hometown of Port Townsend leaving his poor, disabled mother behind while he tries to save his own skin.

Question is, where is dom-nick going and will his wife and her children follow this smooth-talking swindler? Kristie's kids are telling people they have to move because "daddy didn't pay the bills". Those poor Monahan children whose names have all been changed to embarrassing and humiliating it will be for people to think these children are products of such a dishonorable person when the fact is, they are of no blood relation to the Harper family whatsoever. And to think Kristie convinced the court to change her children's names because she wanted them to have a name they could be proud of......the mother paraded the children into the Jefferson County District Court and forced the boys to tell Judge Mark Huth (the step-father's former boss) that they wanted their last name to be Harper.

What has she done to her children by changing their legacy and who they really are.....messing with their identity?

What will life be like for the Monahan boys when they learn the truth? No doubt their worlds will be turned up-side-down when they find out they were not adopted and are not legally a harper?

In 2012, the same court that illegally changed the Monahan boy's names, found that "proper notice wasn't given to the father" when the children's names were illegally changed and Judge Landis vacated both name changes and restored the child's rightful birth name.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Has Humpty Dumpty Fallen Off His Wall?

June 21, 2010 - Today the "opportunistic duo" had a new attorney show up to represent them at their contempt and discovery hearing in Seattle, Geoffrey Grindeland. I think it's interesting that he is a pilot. (I wonder if that had anything to do with Grindeland taking the case ex parte since both Bill and Steve were pilots?)

On June 11th, the court found the duo had failed to provide the estate with an accounting as ordered by the court and further allowed their attorney, Richard Wills, to withdraw immediately. Wills cited his reason for withdrawing from this case expeditiously as due to the fact that he would "violate multiple sections of the WA Rules of Professional Conduct". WHAT, I wonder what sections he would be violating and the specifics?!

All this came about when the attorney for the Pothier estate informed the duo's attorney that his client wanted to take dom-nick's deposition. Apparently, dom-nick instructed Wills to do whatever it took to keep the estate attorney from taking his deposition (see pgs. 7, 12, 33). Are you asking yourself why? Because I sure am. It's clear to me that he is hiding something, otherwise he would have just provided the accounting, don't you think?

Is it possible that dom-nick has sealed his fate this time? Has his shenanigans finally caught up to him? Could it be that he is about to fall off his wall? He has already been dishonest with his new attorney, telling Grindeland that he gave an accounting ledger of the Pothier estate to his former attorney, Wills as well as the estate's former resident agent, Kilbreath. But why hasn't anyone seen the material dom-nick claims to have sent? Talk about passing the buck and buying time! dom-nick's recent declaration is contradictory. First he says he gave the accounting to Mrs. Pothier's former attorney, then he says he gave it to his attorney, Wills. That's just not the way things work when you have an attorney. I believe dom-nick is lying in his declaration. The documents would have been given to Wills for him to forward it to Kilbreath. It would have been completely inappropriate for dom-nick to have give this directly to the opposing attorney when he had his own attorney in the case.

And what about Steve's power-of-attorney dom-nick claims to have, why hasn't he produced that yet? And he mentions nothing about it in his declaration. The estate has been asking for dom-nick's supposed power-of-attorney since April. The estate has also told dom-nick to pay rent or stop squatting on the estate's property!

I wonder how long dom-nick will be able to pull the wool over his new attorney's eyes before he sees him for the conman he really is? I mean he retained this new attorney on Friday to come into court today. I bet after this case, he never does that again! IF Wills had the financial documents dom-nick claims to have given him, then Wills would have turned them over to the estate's attorney, he wouldn't have withheld them. So far dom-nick's actions have not been those of someone who is upstanding and forthcoming. I mean read his declaration, he sounds like a little baby, "I don't think it's fair......" whan, whan whan.

Again, you may ask yourself, what is dom-nick trying to hide? Is he trying to hide the fact that he wrote a $300,000 check to a company created just days before his rich friend died from brain cancer and how he cashed this whopper check as a managing member of a new company he helped create while his friend was in the hospital on his death bed? What did dom-nick do with the hundreds of thousands of dollars he withdrew from his dying friend's bank account? Or how about the reason he wrote two checks for $10,000 each to his dying friend's sisters just days before their brother died? What was that all about? And what about the checks dom-nick wrote after Steve Pothier died, claiming to have his power-of-attorney? Hello, someone needs to tell dom-nick that a power-of-attorney is only good while the person is alive! The estate is entitled to answers and dom-nick owes the estate those answers.

Today, on the record, the estate attorney said that dom-nick was trying to get his former attorney to do illegal stuff. I wonder if the estate attorney asked the judge to refer this case to the prosecutor yet? I sure hope so. I mean we're talking about over $300,000 that dom-nick failed to provide an accounting for nor has he shown proof that he was authorized to access Steve's bank account before and after his death.

The duo bought themselves a 10-day continuance with their new attorney, until July 1st and they have until June 25th to file their responses to the motions for contempt and discovery. The court also ordered them to pay the estate attorney $250. by July 1st for the continuance. That's mere pocket change for those two. They should be ordered to pay ALL the surviving wife's attorney fees!

The duo escaped being found in contempt at the July 1st hearing, but dom-nick was ordered to appear on July 9th in Seattle for the taking of his deposition and the duo was ordered to pay $2000 for costs to Kara's attorneys by July 13th. The successor administrator's attorney stated that he would get the transcript of the June 11th exparte hearing (in which Wills was allowed to withdraw) to impeach Mr. Wills if he had to. Mr. Denevan is adamant that Wills stated on the record that his clients had engaged or were likely to engage in illegal activities.

dom-nick is a clever one, he knows how to talk in circles, and get people to believe him. He's good at fooling people. It is his forte. He is one you had better look out for and watch your back around. If you happen to see him around town and notice that he's looking a little disheveled and stressed, just know he's not a very happy man these days and now you know why.

Humpty is teetering the wall nowadays. When dom-nick does fall off his wall it will not be a pretty site! All the Kings horses and all the Kings men........poor Humpty

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What was Nick Harper of Washington State doing in Shreveport, Louisiana at my daughter's graduation?

May 22, 2010 - The day had finally arrived, a day I had waited 18 long years for, a day that would happen only once-in-a-lifetime my daughter's high school graduation. She was graduating with honors. I was so proud of her and looking forward to this day. I had stopped in the breezeway to talk to the lady married to the graduation videographer, when I caught a glimpse of Nick Harper through my peripheral vision. I did a double take of the man, as I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. But I was not mistaken, it was Nick Harper, there at my daughter's graduation, Uninvited!

Rewinding a bit, while on our way to the graduation, my daughter's father called her at least 5 times questioning her about where we were and when we were going to get there and what street we were on, etc., etc., etc. She had just had lunch with him only an hour prior to us arriving at the convention center.

It would be later that night when she would tell me all about her daddy questioning her at lunch, just shortly before her graduation ceremony, about me and Shawn. Her daddy was real inquisitive, wanting to know if Shawn and I were "still together" and if "Shawn was coming to her graduation". Ricky texted someone the whole time he was at lunch with our daughter and her boyfriend. And he left the table three times to hold "secret" conversations away from them with someone. Who was so important that Ricky allowed them to interrupt his special time with our daughter? I'm guessing that someone was Nick Harper, for this would not be the first time Ricky
and Judith conspired with him and his wife to inflict harm on my family. Is it possible that my ex and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Judith, were privy to Harper's visit to Shreveport? In fact, when our daughter confronted her dad the next day, she could hear Judith in the background saying that it was a free country and Nick could go wherever he wanted to. Judy appeared to have no sympathy about my daughter's graduation being ruined by her friend, Nick. I wonder if Nick had anything to do with the break-up of my ex and his wife's marriage, since he's so good at buying people and remember, he had all that money ($300K) he took out of his friends bank account 4 days before he died of brain cancer? I hope wherever Ricky is, he realizes how he has hurt and impacted my life, our children's lives and my husband's life with his and his wife's involvement in matters that were none of their business.

So getting back to Nicky, I decided I was going to confront him and inquire about why he was in Shreveport at my daughter's graduation. Apparently, I surprised him because he seemed to panic when I began to confront him. He looked around as if he were trying to find someone to rescue him. He actually darted off to some room while on the phone in a panic. It wasn't until later that I realized who he was looking around for, in his panic.......his accomplice in crime.

Well, the pomp and circumstance began to play, so I had to hurry and go take my seat next to the graduates, in a restricted area. All the while I'm thinking, I'm not going to let Nick Harper ruin my daughter's graduation for her. I was determined to protect my daughter. I texted my son to let him know that Harper was there. My son located him, Harper was standing close enough that my son could have kicked him in the back of head. During the pledge of allegiance, the national anthem and the invocation, Harper never participated, no hand over the heart, no bowing of the head. Nope, all he did was talk to his accomplice and text on his phone.

I left my seat when they began presenting the graduates with their diplomas. I exited the door opposite where I had seen Harper and low and behold, there he was with an officer and woman standing next to him. I began to photograph him so that this time we could prove he was here in Shreveport stalking us again. That's right, you see this was not the first time Harper had come to Shreveport looking for my husband. He had come here once before, October 30, 2010 in celebration of he and Kristie's 4th wedding anniversary. Harper actually told me he was going to bring Shawn back as an anniversary gift to his wife, my husband's ex-wife. Harper went to my daughter's workplace and offered her money if she would tell him where her step-dad was. (My next blog will explain where Harper's been getting all his money to pay people off, like judges, law enforcement, my ex etc.)

Anyway, when I exited the graduation, Harper started video recording me with his cell phone. I asked him why he was at my daughter's graduation. He wouldn't answer me. As you can see he was on the phone. Could he have been talking to his accomplice and instructing him to go snatch my purse?

the while I kept wondering who this woman was
that was with him. It wouldn't be until much later that I would discover she was Terry Pothier. (Harper's deceased friend's sister.) For the life of me, I cannot fathom why the Pothiers would involve themselves in Harper's scams. Terry's husband, Arthur McGeown, was the man my son saw with Harper and he was the 50ish yr. old man with gray hair who was described as the man who snatched my purse. I intend to push every button I have to in order to have him prosecuted for committing this crime.

My daughter's boyfriend and the people sitting behind us saw the man who took my purse. So did my ex! In fact, when my daughter's boyfriend went to go talk to the police, my ex called him up to the bleachers where he was sitting, which was in a "bird's eye" view of my seat. My ex began to ask the boyfriend what was going on and told him every move I had made but when the boyfriend asked him if he saw my purse being stolen, he said he didn't see anything. Yet the next
day when my daughter confronted her dad about being in on the conspiracy to crash her graduation, he admitted to her that he saw a man steal my purse, but said he didn't know who he was and that he didn't have anything to do with Harper being there. Yeah, right! I see Ricky Pelletier is the same big, fat, liar he's been all his life! Then my daughter could hear her ex-stepmom, Judy, in the background saying, "It's a free country. He can go where ever he wants too." Ricky probably texted Harper to let him know that I left my seat, And when Harper saw me outside without my purse, he seized an opportunity hoping he would gain some information that would lead him to my husband and I believe he instructed his accomplice to snatch my purse.

I'm still waiting to hear back from the Shreveport Convention Center as the security director is compiling video coverage of the graduation for me to personally review. Out of all the graduation ceremonies that took place at the convention center (my daughter's school being the largest with some 6500 people in attendance), I was the only one to have had anything stolen. I am certain my purse being snatched was not a random act and that I was specifically targeted. All my keys were stolen, my money, credit cards, driver's license. We could not even leave the graduation because I had no car keys and we could not go out to eat afterwards because all my ability to pay was stolen.

Domonic Harper robbed me of experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime event that I waited nearly 2 decades to experience. No bad deed goes unpunished. In 14 yrs. or so, Harper's little girl will graduate from high school. I wonder how his once-in-a-lifetime event will turn out?
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What is dom-nick harper's destiny?

Well dom-nick's bullying did not work in his favor this time. I knew it wouldn't! He has had to go through such life changing events since he became involved with my husband's ex-wife, Kristie. Let's see, dom-nick has gone from.......
  • 40-yr. old wealthy eligible bachelor (w/no dependents) to husband and instant family of six (which grew to SEVEN 9-nine months later

  • Selected as PT Business Leader of the Year in 2008 to Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2009

  • $775K home in uptown Port Townsend to a double-wide mobile home in Discovery Bay

  • Successful realtor to a pig, goat & chicken farmer

  • Yukon Denalli to Toyota Sienna mini-van

  • Harley to scooter (beep beep)

  • Dry cleaning to his wife ironing his clothes

  • Pig, goat & chicken farmer to ? ? ?

  • Mobile home to ? ? ?

  • Building manager to ? ? ?

  • Father to ? ? ?

  • Husband to ? ? ?

For dom-nick's sake, I hope he has this one figured out, otherwise he'll be living under a bridge like the troll that he is. Should I feel bad that his family is being displaced? Hum, well let's see, he hasn't had a problem hurting my family. In fact, October 30, 2009, he actually threatened to put a lien against my home of 12 years, as if he actually thought he could. Nope, dom-nick harper has never cared about me or my family and he's done everything he can to harm my family.

You're probably wondering where all this is coming from. Well today the hearing took place and the Washington court put the "opportunistic duo" in their place. Both of their letters of administration were revoked and the court appointed Steve's widow as the administrator of her husband's estate. Their attorney actually had the nerve to say 'his clients intended to appeal.

My in-laws, (who are in their 70's) have an appeal pending against dom-nick and his wife to throw out the 15-yr. restraining order they obtained against the grandparents of three of dom-nick's step-sons, last July. The harpers are representing themselves and are not doing a very good job, if I say so myself. If they could afford an attorney, don't you think they'd have one? They are making fools of themselves in this appeal....I'd be embarrassed if I were them.
UPDATE: The appellant court REMANDED the case back to the District Court for entry of findings of fact and conclusions of law. Which basically means that there were no findings to support the 15-yr restraining order Judge Mark Huth entered in favor of his friend and former client, dom-nick and now the upper court is ordering Huth give a reason based on WA law to justify the restraining order. Can you say victory!

Better yet, I want to see Bill and dom-nick prove that the lower court made a mistake in not determining that Steve and Kara's marriage was defunct. That ought to be a good one! Good luck boys!

I encourage anyone to post your prediction of what you believe dom-nick's destiny is. Personally, I believe in karma......what goes around, comes around. I'm just going to sit back, watch and see.....should be interesting!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Opportunistic Duo

dom-nick will do whatever he has to, to get whatever he wants! Whether it be taking his best friend's wife and children or stealing from his own family or taking advantage of those who are venerable.

Guess my nasty little declaration ruffled his panties, so now he will cry to the court to throw out my documents. That's doesn't change the fact that all Steve's siblings are now aware of the slime-ball domonic harper really is. If they truly cared for their brother, they won't sit back and allow an opportunist like dom-nick to take advantage of their brother after his death and they will want to protect Steve's estate. I just wonder what kind of deal dom-nick and Bill have made? I guarantee you dom-nick has promised Bill something. So I ask myself this question: "Who could take up with a shady character like dom-nick?" I would think it would have to be someone who is just like him, wouldn't you? "Birds of a feather!" Could it be that Steve knew his brother, Bill was an opportunist and that's why they were estranged for so many years?

It wasn't until Steve found out he was dying that he wanted to clear his conscience....that's when he and Bill reconciled...only a few short months ago, after many years of no contact. Now Bill comes in, all of a sudden, the "purported brother", wanting to manage Steve and his widow's Washington property. One should question his motives? What does he think he's doing when he knows his brother was married at the time of his death?

Steve knew he was dying, if he wanted his brother to administer his estate, why didn't he prepare a Will to such effect? If Steve wanted dom-nick to have the property in Washington, why didn't he donate the property to dom-nick before he died?

These two can deny it all they want, but Steve was married when he purchased the property in Washington. It was fraudulent for Steve to list himself as "an unmarried man" on the legal paperwork when he knew he was married. The 825 Water Street building is community property and these two opportunists have no business managing Steve's widow's property. RCW 11.28.030

Steve purchased the property dom-nick is living on 9 months AFTER he bought the Water St. building. If Steve's marriage was defunct, then why did he have his wife sign a quit claim deed relinquishing her community interest in the property that dom-nick is residing on? However, Steve never got his wife to relinquish her community interest in the Water St. building that dom-nick is managing. Tenants of the building are giving their rent checks to dom-nick and it is anybody's guess what he's doing with the money which belongs to Steve's widow and the estate?

The law is clear, the next of kin entitled to handle an estate is always the surviving spouse. RCW 11.28.120

Bill and dom-nick have no business doing what they're doing and I cannot wait until they are put in their place or should I say, that dom-nick is out of a place and a job?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Domonic "Dom/Nick" Z. Harper

Well dom-nick is up to his same old tricks.....trying to scam people to benefit himself. But this time, I think he's dug a really deep hole for himself. He goes by "Dom" on the East Coast and by "Nick" in the Pacific Northwest. (I heard he liked being called "Dom" because it made him sound like one of those mafia fellows.) It's almost like he's two different people, but he's not.......he's the same conniving con, no matter what name he goes by or where he is.
The attached documents pretty much explain everything. Those of you who know the real dom-nick harper won't be surprised. The real question is, will those who think they know him as, "the great guy" remove the wool from over their eyes and see him for the rotten scoundrel he really is?
Here's the latest........dom-nick didn't waste anytime soliciting Steve's brother, Bill, to assist him in cutting Steve's wife (of 10 years) out of managing her own husband's estate. Talk about nerve! Seeing is believing.....
Never fail, BertaSue is here to reveal the TRUTH! What I wouldn't give to have seen the look on dom-nick's face when he was served with these documents I filed! I bet he was say the least! Wonder what the judge will think after seeing these documents? How can one argue with the facts? Past behavior predicts future behavior........what's the old saying, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree?"
Oops, I'm wondering what brother Bill thinks now after reading that nasty little declaration about his partner? Harper is the LAST person who should be trusted with money or the handling of ANYONE'S finances!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bartlett Building, 825 Water St., Port Townsend, WA

Stephen G. Pothier is the owner of a commercial building located at 825 Water St. in Port Townsend, WA.

Apparently, there are tenants renting space in this building, who are disgruntled with the person managing the building and I am told the building manager is refusing to provide the tenants or their attorney with the name of the probate attorney handling Steve's estate.

If anyone wants to make a claim against the estate, feel free to contact me. My email address is listed on my profile.